Updated: 04 August 2020

Masks are now mandatory in public across Melbourne.

So where to buy masks in Port Melbourne, South Melbourne, St Kilda and Elwood if you want to shop locally for masks made right here in Melbourne?

And where to buy masks online now that retail businesses are closed for six weeks?

We have put together a list of businesses, including online, and will continue to add to this.

Masks are in huge demand right now and everyone is working hard to produce them, but wait times are expected.

Where to buy masks made locally:

The Rose Hotel,  309 Bay Street Port Melbourne

Bella Cosi Cafe,  71 Beach St, Port Melbourne

Laundry Box,  319 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Port Melbourne Pharmacy,  205/207 Bay St, Port Melbourne

Little Dreamer,  https://www.littledreamer.com.au/collections/face-masks

By Kinsman, https://www.bkthelabel.com/shopcollection/facemasks

Sister Works, https://sisterworks.org.au/product-category/reusable-face-masks/

Gorman, https://www.gormanshop.com.au/shop/accessories/face-masks.html

Second Stich, https://www.secondstitch.org.au/product-page/fabric-face-mask

Honest Studios, https://honeststudios.com.au/collections/face-masks-1

Clear Collective, https://www.clearcollective.com.au/collections/reusable-masks

Christian Kimber, https://christiankimber.com/collections/whats-new

The Social Studio, https://tssmedicalscrubs.myshopify.com/products/reusable-face-mask

Par Moi, https://par-moi.com/collections/masks

E Nolan, https://enolan.com.au/products/fabulous-face-masks

Yarli Collective, https://yarlicreative.com.au/collections/protective-masks/

Pazadz, https://pazadz.com/shop?category=Masks

Madame Sustainable, https://www.madamesustainable.com.au/masks


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