Finding the right agency can feel like a dauting process, so we have a handy step-by-step list to assist you in navigating the next few weeks,

  1. Research – Research potential agents just like you would properties for sale. A quick google search of agents in the area will provide a good starting point, and we would recommend cross-checking this with
  1. Ask Family & Friends – It’s always worthwhile talking to family, friends and neighbors who’ve sold property in the area. Ask them about their experience and recommendations.
  1. Choose Local – Research from the REIV indicates that sellers prefer working with agents who are active and well regarded in the local area. These agents will be closer to the market, understanding its nuances and it’s selling points. With an active presence in the market they are also likely to have a strong database of local, qualified buyers in mind for your property.
  1. Secret Shop – Once you have a shortlist in mind, why not go down to a few inspections with the agent. That way you can see how they interact with people first hand. Good indicators to look for are,
    • Does someone greet you as you enter? Preferably at the front door.
    • Do they take down your details?
    • Do they proactively highlight the features of the property?
    • Are they able to answer your questions about the property?
    • Are they polite and professional?
    • Do they follow up with you after the inspection?
  1. Review reviews – We recommend having a close look at the online reviews, the two most popular sites are and Rate My Agent. You can also ask the agent for a list of their most recent vendor reviews.
  1. Check the results – Review the most recent sales for the agent and make sure these are comparable. For instance, if you are selling a house, then apartment sales are less relevant. When it comes to speaking with the agent we would recommend asking for a list of their most recent sales, as well as a list of their recent comparable sales specific to your property.

If you followed the above check-list you should now have a good idea of your shortlist. So now, it’s time to call the agents and ask for a market appraisal.

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